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"I am the best version of myself right now and I would not have turned in to the athlete I am today without the coaching from Faith."
Heidi D. - Run Long Run Strong
Heidi D.
"Not only is it great being part of a supportive team where I can ask newbie questions to my teammates, Faith has been fantastic! She is wholeheartedly invested in her athletes, always positive, extremely responsive, flexible, and realistic."
Run Long Run Strong | Personalized Endurance Coaching
Amanda B.
"This is truly a family of endurance runners with a great coach with a heart of gold that truly cares and champions each one of her runners regardless of what their goal is. Thank you, Faith for everything!"
Matt R. Run Long Run Strong
Matt R.
ultrarunner, marathoner
"Faith has been extremely encouraging and awesome through my running journey. She knows when to be encouraging and when to tell you to suck it up. I have run farther and happier with her coaching."
Samantha G. - Run Long Run Strong
Maria R.
"While I may not be the fastest runner, Coach Faith has shown me that as an endurance athlete it's important to train properly in order to achieve my goals. Her phone calls, customized training plans and strength and plyo workouts are integral to my training."
Lesa D.- Run Long Run Strong Endurance Coaching
Lesa D.
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