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• Shenipsit Striders (local running club)

Head Coach Faith Raymond

Coach Faith began running in 2011 in order to run a benefit 5k for the tornado relief fund for her hometown of Monson, Massachusetts, USA. She followed the usual path from 5ks to half marathons to marathons. Along the way she discovered her love for trail running, fulfilling her sense of adventure. Over the next few years she participated in several 50ks, 50 milers, three 100ks (including a 97 min PR), and her first 100 miler (2017). While she still runs road races, her heart belongs to ultras.

In her running career, Coach Faith has been blessed to meet and run with some amazing athletes. She’s been encouraged by Deena Kastor, inspired by Colleen Alexander, and coached by Amby Burfoot. She has run races alongside Jeff Galloway and in the footsteps of Bill Rodgers and has shared trails with Hal Koerner and Amy Rusiecki.  She has used these opportunities to learn from her idols and continues to seek out new ways to implement their advice.

Coach Faith is involved in the running community and gives back whenever she can. She serves as a guide for Achilles CT, raises funds for Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports, and leads pace groups for local races. She volunteers at several ultras each year, enjoying the camaraderie and watching others live out their dream races.

A scientist by training, Coach Faith earned an A.S. in Liberal Arts and Science from Manchester Community College in 2010, her B.S. in Marine Science from UCONN at Avery Point in 2013, and her M.S. in Oceanography from UCONN in 2015.  She followed that with her running coach certification from United Endurance Sports Coaching Academy in 2018. She then went on to get her PN1 nutrition coach certification through Precision Nutrition in 2019 and completed the “Women Are Not Small Men” and “Menopause for Athletes” courses with Dr Stacy Sims in 2020.

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Coach Chandra Orrill

Coach Chandra turned 40 and ran her first Half Marathon in 2011 after becoming an accidental runner the previous year. Since then, she has run numerous half marathons and is now stretching that distance out on the trails. She started working with a running coach in 2019 and it fundamentally changed her world! Now, she wants to help clients have the same experience. Coach Chandra is dedicated to helping people with full-time lives enjoy running and meet their running goals.

Coach Chandra stays engaged in learning more about running and the human body through podcasts, magazines, and online articles. She reads books and is not afraid to roll up her sleeves to read the research when details are needed. She has completed the “Women are Not Small Men Course” from Dr. Stacy Sims and she is certified by the United Endurance Sports Coaching Academy (UESCA) as a Running Coach and an Ultrarunning Coach. Chandra is also a NASM certified Personal Trainer – a certification she got to better support the runners working with her.

Coach Chandra is the Executive Director of Research and Development at Rethink Learning Labs, a research and development company dedicated to transforming STEM education through research. Before starting Rethink Learning Labs, that she was a faculty member in STEM Education at UMass Dartmouth and UGA. She earned her Ph.D. in Instructional Systems Technology from Indiana University in 1999. She has spent over 20 years of experience conducting research and mentoring with graduate students who are rising researchers in mathematics education and related fields.


Coach Rachel Clinton

Rachel is a competitive ultra trail runner and a life-long athlete. She played soccer from childhood until 30 years of age, when she suffered her third severe knee injury and had to hang up her soccer cleats for good. Rachel is no stranger to overcoming injuries, surgeries and countless sessions of physical therapy to continue playing sports and running. She began running and racing events in 2010. After many years of competing in road events from 5K to the marathon, she discovered trail running and completed her first ultra in 2016. She was instantly hooked! Her annual race calendar is full of trail races with a marathon sprinkled in for fun every year or two. Her favorite distance to run is 50 miles and she just completed the 2021 JFK 50 with a new PR of 8:34:24. 

Rachel is a devoted Christian, wife and mother of two teenage girls. She loves spending time with her family and cheering them on in their athletic endeavors. Her husband was a competitive cyclist who now enjoys mountain biking. Her oldest daughter is a member of the high school cross country and track teams. And her youngest daughter climbs and competes in USA Climbing events. Rachel also enjoys listening to health and running podcasts, reading and attending country music concerts.

Before Rachel began her coaching career she was a pre-kindergarten teacher. She earned her Bachelors in Elementary Education from Millersville University. Her educational background and experience working with young students taught her the importance of individualization, flexibility, communication and data analysis which carries over to her coaching when working with an athlete. She is a certified Ultrarunning Coach through UESCA. Rachel enjoys coaching athletes of all ability levels and loves watching them achieve their unique ultrarunning goals.

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Coach Caitlin Patterson

Coach Cait has been active most of her life, participating in road cycling, flatwater sprint canoe/kayak, and sporadic running through school years. After the birth of her first child, Cait sought out yoga as an activity she could do to regain strength that was safe and quiet enough for her to do with the baby at home. She completed yoga teacher training and began teaching yoga in 2019 (after the birth of her second child). At the gym where she taught, she inherited a class of runners, who encouraged her to try running again.

With the encouragement of the yoga class, and seeing her dad complete multiple marathons, Cait trained for and ran her first 5k in many years in January 2020, then another in February. When Covid forced the gym and yoga studios to shut down, Cait’s running took off as she and the yoga runners formed a running club to stay accountable and social. She and several of the others ran 100 miles in the month of June as part of a virtual challenge. A few signed up for a virtual half marathon, and that was when Cait finally considered herself a real runner, and realized how much she loved pushing herself to go further.

From October 2020 to February 2022, Cait ran a minimum half marathon distance per month. When her kids started school, Cait needed help figuring out her running schedule, so she sought out Coach Faith. Working with Coach Faith was eye-opening to Cait. Her speed and endurance improved more than she thought possible, and she set a personal record at a bucket-list half marathon in October 2021. That done, she wanted to see if running a 50k would be feasible in February 2022. Coach Faith worked out a program that helped Cait perform incredibly well and complete her first 50k. Inspired and wanting to help others feel that sense of accomplishment, Cait completed her running coach certification through UESCA in June 2022.

Coach Cait’s goals for her athletes are to stay safe and injury-free, push through their mental barriers and self-limiting beliefs, and most of all, fall in love with the process. You are capable of so much more than you realize, and Coach Cait wants to help you achieve that.

When she’s not running or doing yoga, Cait enjoys spending time with her husband (who makes all this running possible), two children, and two dogs. They live north of Atlanta, GA.

Complimentary Consultation

1 hour consultation (phone or web chat). Discuss your experience and goals. Get to know our coaches, their coaching philosophy, and how coaching can benefit you!

Personalized Coaching

All of our personalized packages include:

  • Unlimited email/text chat communication
  • Access to private Facebook group with coaches and other athletes
  • Long-Range Plan created within 2 weeks
  • Individualized plan created to fit your life and your goals
  • Discount codes for partner companies


$ 150
  • Monthly 30-minute phone call
  • Weekly data analysis and feedback


$ 175
  • Weekly data analysis and feedback
  • Biweekly 30-minute phone call
  • Strength training plan or nutrition coaching


$ 200
  • Weekly data analysis and feedback
  • Weekly 30-minute phone call
  • Strength training plan
  • Event goal setting sessions
  • Nutrition coaching

Athlete Support

Have a training plan you love but you need a little support and encouragement? We can do that! Let us help you be successful with your own training plan.

Athlete Support


  • Unlimited email/text chat communication
  • Access to private Facebook group with coaches and other athletes
  • Monthly 60-minute phone call (topic of your choosing)

Complimentary Consultation

1 hour consultation (phone or web chat). Discuss your experience and goals. Get to know our coaches, theircoaching philosophy, and how coaching can benefit you!

What People Are Saying

Checkout what our athletes have to say about our personalized coaching.

"Not only is it great being part of a supportive team where I can ask newbie questions to my teammates, Faith has been fantastic! She is wholeheartedly invested in her athletes, always positive, extremely responsive, flexible, and realistic."
Run Long Run Strong | Personalized Endurance Coaching
Amanda B.
"Coach Faith has given me the confidence in my training to tackle my dream of doing my first ultra. I wouldn’t have been able to get to where I am without her."
Susan G. - Run Long Run Strong
Susan G.
"While I may not be the fastest runner, Coach Faith has shown me that as an endurance athlete it's important to train properly in order to achieve my goals. Her phone calls, customized training plans and strength and plyo workouts are integral to my training."
Lesa D.- Run Long Run Strong Endurance Coaching
Lesa D.
"This is truly a family of endurance runners with a great coach with a heart of gold that truly cares and champions each one of her runners regardless of what their goal is. Thank you, Faith for everything!"
Matt R. Run Long Run Strong
Matt R.
"Faith has been extremely encouraging and awesome through my running journey. She knows when to be encouraging and when to tell you to suck it up. I have run farther and happier with her coaching."
Maria R. - Run Long Run Strong Endurance Coaching
Maria R.
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