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Tara F.

Tell us a little about yourself (kids, married, job)?
I have been a physical therapist for 11 years! I also teach yoga and foundations for CrossFit. I have a dog who just turned 10.

When and why did you start running?
I ran track in high school and loved it, mostly short distances because my asthma made me feel limited. I did a lot of endurance cycling during college and hiking. When I got my dog from a rescue shelter he had so much energy ( pointer-mix) that I started running with him to prevent him from destroying my house! I slowly built up my mileage, and realized despite having asthma I could run longer and longer distances.

What keeps you motivated to train?
I just love moving my body. As a physical therapist i’ve learned how amazing and adaptive the human body is with training. I like pushing myself to see what is possible. It also is a great way to relieve stress. I always feel better after training.

What are your hobbies outside of running?
Yoga, CrossFit- I love weight training and olympic lifting, backpacking, hunting, fishing, skiing- pretty much anything outside

What is your favorite race?
My favorite race i’ve done is the Ouray 50. It is an absolutely brutal, and beautiful race in CO. The race motto is about working hard and gaining strength from the struggle vs the reward.

What is your bucket list event?
I would love to try the Ouray 100.

What is the funniest thing to happen to you during a race?
I was running through the night alone and getting freaked out, thinking mountain lions were stalking me ( this was mentioned in the pre-race brief lol). I saw a shadow and started booking it as fast as I could- it was only a squirrel.

What is your proudest race moment?
I think my proudest race moment is when I have kept going even when I feel like death. Whether it is being sick, getting sick on the trail, or feeling like your lungs and legs are going to explode, I think my best race moments are when I have finished in spite of these obstacles.What is the one thing you wish you knew when you first started running?
Whatever limits you (or others) put on yourself are only in your mind. It may take many years and a lot of hard work to get where you want to be, but it is possible!

What is your best piece of advice for new runners?
Easy days easy, hard days hard. There is no benefit to going “Rambo,” everyday. That is a good way to get injured or burn out!

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