Run Long Run Strong Endurance Coaching, LLC

Faith began running in 2011 in order to run a benefit 5k for the tornado relief fund for her hometown of Monson, Massachusetts, USA. She followed the usual path from 5ks to half marathons to marathons. Along the way she discovered her love for trail running, fulfilling her sense of adventure. Over the next few years she participated in several 50ks, 50 milers, three 100ks (including a 97 min PR), and her first 100 miler (2017). While she still runs road races, her heart belongs to ultras.

Preparing for ultramarathons came naturally for her, thanks to her background in equine endurance racing. Coach Faith says equine endurance racing is “a lot like ultra running, only you have to worry about 6 legs instead of 2, and two living, breathing beings instead of one.”  It taught her to multi-task under stress, focus on nutrition and pacing , and to be well organized. She cares for her ultra gear just as she did her endurance racing gear. “I had a tack box that went with me to every race and was only unpacked to clean everything and then repack it to be ready for the next adventure.  My ultra gear is no different.  I can just about do nothing but pack some clothes and food and throw my drop box in the car and go.  It takes a lot of the pressure off, knowing that everything is always ready to go.”

In her running career, she has been blessed to meet and run with some amazing athletes. She’s been encouraged by Deena Kastor, inspired by Colleen Alexander, and coached by Amby Burfoot. She’s run races alongside Jeff Galloway and in the footsteps of Bill Rodgers, and has shared trails with Hal Koerner and Amy Rusiecki.

Coach Faith is involved in the running community, and gives back whenever she can. She serves as a guide for Achilles CT, raises funds for Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports, and leads pace groups for local races. She volunteers at several ultras each year, enjoying the camaraderie and watching others live out their dream races. She firmly believes in the old adage, “you reap what you sow,” and applies that to her coaching as well as to her own experiences as an athlete.

A scientist by training, she earned an A.S. in Liberal Arts and Science from Manchester Community College in 2010, a B.S. in Marine Science from UCONN at Avery Point in 2013, and her M.S. in Oceanography from UCONN in 2015. “I guess you could say I love to learn, and I have a very analytical mind.  I like facts and figures, and I like the data to back them up,” she says.

With a background in science, when it came time to choose a coaching certification program, she searched for one that was steeped in scientific data and had lots of peer-reviewed references to back up the training philosophy. Upon finding the United Endurance Sports Coaching Academy she knew it was a perfect fit. Coach Faith completed her certification in 2018. She then went on to get her PN1 nutrition coach certification through Precision Nutrition in 2019, and completed the “Women Are Not Small Men” and “Menopause for Athletes” courses with Dr Stacy Sims in 2020.


Brand Ambassador

  • Skratch Labs
  • UltrAspire


  • Shenipsit Striders (local running club)

Race Finishes

  • Jack Bristol Ultra 50M (5th Female, 2nd in AG)
  • Seven Sisters Trail Race
  • Chesterfield Gorge 100k (8th Female, 1st in AG)
  • Inaugural Marine Corps Marathon 50k
  • Coffee Milk Marathon
  • Jack Bristol Ultra 50M (7th overall Female, 1st in AG)
  • Chesterfield Gorge Trail Race 50M (3rd
    Female overall, 1st in AG)
  • Vermont 100k Endurance Race (1st in AG)
  • Nipmuck Trail Marathon (12th
    Female overall, 1st in AG)
  • Ghost Train Trail Race (8th overall, 2nd female, 1st in AG)
  • LL Bean Trail Running Festival 50M
  • Catamount Ultra 50k
  • Vermont 100k Endurance Race (12th Female overall, 2nd in AG)
  • Ghost Train Trail Race 100M
  • Fighting Seabees Marathon
  • Salomon Trail Running Festival 50k (1st in AG)
  • Vegan Power 50k (2nd in AG)
  • Vermont 100k Endurance Race (3rd in AG)
  • Nipmuck Trail Marathon (1st in AG)
  • Bimblers Bluff 50k (4th in AG)
  • Savin Rock Marathon (3rd in AG)
  • Pineland Farms Trail Running Festival 50k (5th in AG)
  • Mad Marathon
  • Jay Peak
  • Running Festival 25k (1st in AG)
  • Eversource Hartford Marathon
  • Marine Corps Marathon
  • Charleston Marathon
  • Cox Sports Marathon
  • Deadwood Mickelson Trail Marathon (4th in AG)
  • NU Hartford Marathon
  • ING Hartford Marathon